Control your WooCommerce store!

Owner of an online store operating on Woocommerce? WEmanage makes your life just a bit easier. WEmanage is a new WooCommerce Mobile App – works without jetpack and no other Technical skills needed – just plug and play!

Our woocommerce app allows you to perform many day to day tasks from the comfort of your mobile phone. just sign-up, add your website address and login details – we will do the rest!

Take REAL-TIME control over you WooCommerce website! – Free!

let’s start managing – for free!

    Manage orders anywhere

    Ready to step up your woocommerce store management? Want to provide an exceptional level of service? Get notified of every purchase in real time!

    Win back failed or canceled transactions when there is still a window of time to save them!

    Click on WhatsApp or call to save the deal!

    Mangae Leads on the go

    Get every lead from your website in real time! You will receive a notification directly to your mobile with the possibility of performing quick actions – Email, Call, WhatsApp.

    Manage products easily

    Want to quickly update a price, inventory or display of a product? Today, without access to a computer, this is impossible. Using WEmanage app – you can make any change in less than 3 seconds!

    Control your products. Make sure the store is always up to date and Stay ahead of the competition!

    Add new products quickly

    Create products right from your store – Take a picture, write a description and add your price to publish the new product on the website!

    Adding the product is done in one screen, you can even create a variety of attributes or variations for the product dynamically straight from the add product screen. You’ll have to try it to understand how easy it is!

    Chat with live customers 

    Want to increase the conversion rate of website purchases?

    You must be in touch with your customers. Understand from them what bothers them, what is important to them and above all what will help them complete a purchase!

    With the help of the chat you can do this., you can also give them a discount coupon straight from the live chat screen!

    Up-time website monitor  

    Want to know if there is a problem or unavailability of the website in real time? Our monitoring tool will update you with a direct to mobile notification in real time with the reason for the failure – so you can handle the problem in real time!

    The monitoring tool will check your site every minute. The monitoring tool will update you every minute until the site is back online.

    Additional capabilities