woocommerce order alert app – Free solution!

As a store owner, we are pretty sure you have your eyes on the business doors seeking for any new client who walks in and needs your help. Your online store works a bit different, clients can buy without the need of your assistance – but they do expect you to provide the best of […]

woocommerce app setup – step by step Instructions!

Have you downloaded the WooCommerce app? Great, now you have to do a few steps to log in and manage your site: Sign up for WordPress.com. Install the jetpack plugin on your website through the plugins directory. Connect the website plugin to your WordPress.com account. Log in to your WordPress.com account in the app Your […]

woocommerce app without jetpack – can it be done?

In short – no! The WooCommerce app requires you to use the Jetpack plugin. Why? Because it allows them many additional abilities Like statistics, bypassing of server security issues, and more for it to work, you must also connect the plugin to your WordPress.com account. The need for Jetpack annoys quite a few users who […]

woocommerce app multiple users – is it possible?

Many websites are managed by more then one user. Store owner, shop manager, maybe accounting too.. If you want to assign multiple users to one website in woocommerce app it can be a bit of a problem. To add multiple users to woocommerce app, all user’s need to have an account in WordPress.com and same […]

woocommerce app cannot connect to store – How to solve it?

Many website owners are trying to use the WooCommerce app but fail to connect to the store. There can be many reasons why we will not be able to add the store to the application: The Jetpack plugin is not installed on the site. The Jetpack plugin is not connected to WordPress.com. Your server is […]

woocommerce order notification app – get real time push notifications!

Most Woocommerce app users download and use it for one reason – order push notifications! They don’t actually upload products or edit products through the app. They just want control over their orders so they can process them in real-time! Therefore, several alternatives to the WooCommerce application have been developed over the years. Most of […]