Ecommerce growth – how to grow sales without more money?

We all want more sales! most of us want to do so without adding more and more funds. there are a few ways to sell more products for the same ad budget and in this article, we will go over some of them 🙂

E-commerce growth

How much do you spend monthly on advertising? most likely more than you’d like to. many months after calculating all expenses as ads, labor work, customer service, shipping, credit card fees, etc – you are not sure you made a profit!

Any transaction on your site is part of a two-part customer journey, the first part of the journey is typically off-site at any place other than your website and the second part of the journey is on-site,

in this article, we will elaborate on both parts of your client journey:

  1. ABO – Ad Budget Optimization – use our app!
  2. CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

Both optimization technics together create a real difference and can change a losing e-commerce website to a profitable e-commerce website. and improve later from a profitable website to a booming website.

let’s start,

Ad Budget Optimization and Ecom growth

Small or large ad budget, it doesn’t matter. any Ecom business must maximize its budget potential at any time. ABO means we do proactive changes to improve ad results based on data we collect in earlier stages.

Proactive changes for example:

  • Change products to advertise for each channel.
  • Change the campaign budget based on comparable results.
  • Transfer budgets from medium to medium.

The real difficulty in optimizing ad budget is collecting the data in the first place. it’s not easy to implement virtual events at every step of the purchase process, it’s not easy to add data collection tools, and it’s definitely not easy to reading and mining valuable data from elaborated reports!

So big businesses with large budgets can afford to invest in ABO and small businesses fail to do so and miss out on the big number games and tend to stay small and not really profitable – but it must change!

Our App and web interface allow you to get all the data you need without investing in implementing code or complex settings and reports

Go ahead and sign up for free to try our solution and start managing your store on many aspects including real-time data for Ad Budget Optimization!

Conversion Rate Optimization and Ecom growth

After the user has clicked on our ads and entered our website, we know he has some level of interest in what we have to offer. if the user has clicked on Google Shopping or Facebook catalog ad – we know he has seen the price and shipping and it should be an easy process.

But, no. most users leave our website without purchasing the viewed product. that’s because there are many factors that reflect via your site and cause the visitor to feel secure or less secure.

Many times the website is perfectly fine and feels secure but the prices or the product description are not up to date or lacking basic information for the user to make decisions.

CRO is just that. we aim to find the holes in the bucket and make sure we have no leaks. we want to minimize the risks of any user leaving our website before completing a purchase.

Some examples of CRO actions:

  • Adding badges and trust bumps to product pages.
  • Updating competitive prices and adding add value as a service.
  • Streamlining the purchase process to limit thought and concerns.

We must say, at times it comes down to the bottom line – image, description, and price.

To be able to manage your products at a pro level it must be comfortable and available on the go. By using a Woocommerce admin app like ours, website owners can be sure to keep all products up-to-date.

To really control and maximize website potential – you can use the quick edit options on WEmanage app and update as many products including variations in seconds.

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