How do we capture UTM parameters in a Woocommerce site?

All professional campaign managers want to measure their actual results. No, not the overall results but as specific results as possible. it’s very easy to track landing page campaigns and it’s very hard to track e-commerce campaigns.

The issue with e-commerce websites is that users may go throw many pages before they complete a purchase or create a tracking event. more so, many times users visit an e-commerce website and browse items and only later complete their purchase.

Google, Facebook, and many other ad platforms collect real data of users visiting your site but they don’t share it with us. and we most definitely want to know what’s what – for example, if we have 5 purchases in Facebook campaign results, what products are they? did they start or end with Facebook ads? how long did it take to complete those orders and so on…

Woocommerce UTM parameters capture

If you operate a woocommerce website, we may have the solution to capture and track UTM parameters for any order and any lead submitted on your website.

Try it for free by using our mobile app or web interface – see login on top (in menu) and download apps too.

By using our plugin installed on your website we can perform the following tasks:

  1. Capture UTM parameters with user arrival.
  2. Add UTM parameters in the user’s browser cookies.
  3. Save UTM parameters to the database when the purchase is completed.
  4. Use UTM parameters from the database to construct order reports.
  5. Suggest meaningful insights for each source and medium.

As for campaigns from Google ads and Facebook ads, the plugin will capture gclid, fbclid instead.

How to view UTM reports for woocommerce?

UTM parameters will be available at 4 different placements:

  1. In any order or lead notification on your mobile app (phone).
  2. In any order screen in WEmanage mobile app (under order data)
  3. In your statistics tab in WEmanage mobile app (main screen).
  4. In your statistics page on the WEmanage web interface.

Receiving orders and knowing straight away where they came from doesn’t have much impact on decision making but it’s nice to have.

Viewing real-time and simple reports is a must-have and we can view and learn much by looking at the e-commerce funnels by sources.

In summary,

If you are running ads and marketing your Ecom website, ita almost a no-brainer. you can save a huge amount of your ad budget and use the free money for successful ad campaigns. try it out for free.

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