Manage multiple WooCommerce websites in one platform (interface)

If you own multiple WooCommerce websites, you may be frustrated that you can manage your products and orders in one simple interface.

There are different solutions for technical management for multiple websites in one platform (managewp, wp-umbrella, etc.), But no platform to manage website content, real-time orders, and so on – well until now 馃槈

Multiple WooCommerce store management

Before we started listing the capabilities of the platform, here is a link to check it out – for free!

As we are a website management company, Our management platform was built for our needs and is continuing to update based on clients’ and user’s demands.

Multiple WooCommerce management capabilities

You may add to the management platform as many WooCommerce websites as you need. You can add as many sub-users as you want and assign each of them different roles (any feature can be added or removed for sub-users),

List of current management capabilities:

  1. Add new products to the website.
  2. Edit WooCommerce products.
  3. Bulk edit WooCommerce products.
  4. View statistics of products and sites.
  5. View and manage WooCommerce orders.
  6. Contact buyers with a click of a button.
  7. Chat with live users on all websites.
  8. Create and send WooCommerce coupons.
  9. Receive and manage leads from all sites.
  10. Monitor up-time availability of all sites.
  11. Importing mass products to sites.
  12. Transforming products from site to site. – in progress.

And much more. Many small and useful tools waiting for your use.

WooCommerce management mobile app

We know you are busy running your store, but we know it’s best to manage your WooCommerce stores on the go – with our mobile app!

With the mobile app, you can get notifications for the following activities:

  • For any orders from any website.
  • For any leads of any website.
  • For any chats on any website.
  • For any up-time issues of any website.
  • For any important insights.

All notifications include actions with a tap of a button so you can really take live control of your websites!

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