SSL validation monitor – how to get notified if SSL certificate expires?

SSL certificate is a standard today. But, many find out at some time or another that their website SSL certificate had expired and they didn’t know about it.

Most hosting providers add Auto renewal for SSL certificates, but if you own a private server or even a self managed VPS, it is likely that you will need to keep track and renew your SSL every 3-6 months..

SSL validation monitor (notifications)

If you found out that you’re SSL expired, you must be searching for a tool to check and notify you in real-time.

We had created a website uptime monitor that checks not only if website is online, but also if website is displaying any errors or – yes. SSL validation failed.

Our monitor bot visits your website every few minutes and performs several different tasks to detect any possible issues.

If issues are found, you will get a notification alert (machine shutting down sound) and you will continue getting such notification every minute until website is back on track with a valid SSL certificate.

Why monitoring website Is so important?

You invest so much effort in creating, managing and promoting your business online. It’s a shame if visitors login to your website and get a scary worninng that their information may be insecure and get blocked from your site,

If a website lacks a SSL certificate for a while because no one was aware about it, website’s quality score crashes and your keywords in the various search results crash too.

No search engine wants to fowerd users to a dangerous website. So unless you visit your website every day, you best practice would be to activate a website monitor tool to do that for you.

Surprisingly – we recommend using our mobile app for WooCommerce stores to achieve that and many more management capabilities – Start for free! 🙂

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