UTM tracking for WooCommerce – campaign, medium and source!

Many Woocommerce store owners feel insecure due to a lack of information and the ability to control their websites. much of those feelings are sourced to a basic miss connection between advertising and promoting efforts and the actual results on-site.

If you relate to the opening paragraph of this article you’re in luck – we have the solution you’re looking for!

UTM tracking for WooCommerce

Before we go on and on about the benefits of UTM order tracking, this is our solution:

Our app has the following capabilities:

  1. Get real-time order notifications with the UTM source icon.
  2. View and manage orders with campaign, medium, and source info.
  3. Analyze ad activity results based on UTM info.
  4. See live graphs for each channel and channel.
  5. Get insights and suggestions based on real-order data.

Or, in the bottom line – gain real live control at any moment!

Why you should follow up on live results?

An E-commerce website can not exist without consistent marketing. but, most vendors have limited funds and limited profitability, so any marketing mistake can be a real issue. by getting real-time results on real data decisions can be made in real-time and can change the overall results.

If we hhave a budget of 2000$ and we spread it over Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, TikTok ads, and so on. if we spend too much on one channel we lose twice. once on the money spent badly and second on the lack of money spent in the channel that actually funnels sales and leads!

Let’s dive a bit deeper, what if you know not only what channel creates the best return, but we now know what products create the best return for each channel – how amazing is it?!

Yes. that’s exactly what we offer. we aim to provide the tools to keep growing your online business more and more. without super expensive tools, without very complex and cluttered reports, just the actual bottom lines you need to make your best decisions!

Can I trust UTM insights?

While all ad platforms add UTM by default, many tools that suggest they collect the UTM data don’t actually do so. it’s not a simple task to collect UTM parameters for Woocommerce sales because users go through many many pages before they complete the online order.

To collect real-time data with valuable information the tool you use needs to feed off your website. the tool needs to connect any user and his source and the final order information created when he leaves the website.

We have built a tool that is very accurate and keeps tabs on any user while later on connecting the info with real data from your Woocommerce website so you can definitely trust our UTM data to improve your campaigns and grow your business!

In summary,

try our app and web interface (for free!) and transform your reporting experience – manage your Woocommerce website like a pro!

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