woocommerce app without jetpack – can it be done?

In short – no!

The WooCommerce app requires you to use the Jetpack plugin. Why? Because it allows them many additional abilities Like statistics, bypassing of server security issues, and more for it to work, you must also connect the plugin to your WordPress.com account.

The need for Jetpack annoys quite a few users who feel that the plugin is a heavy burden on their site. The plugin is so full of options that they don’t need it significantly slows down the site speed.

Every month, hundreds search:

woocommerce app without jetpack

Luckily, there are other solutions 🙂

Over the years, several WooCommerce apps have been launched and are offered for use at a fairly low cost in the app stores.

We of course recommend our WooCommerce app. not only is it more convenient to use but it is also offered to use for free!

Beyond the basic capabilities offered in the official WooCommerce app, We offer a set of additional tools that allow you more control over your site including marketing tools and business insights for more effective management of the store.

To enjoy managing your WooCommerce store from your mobile, continue to the next steps

  1. create an account here: https://run.wemanage.app/login
  2. add your website in about 1 minute
  3. download and log in to our app – your site is waiting for you in the app!

Simple. Quick. Effective – Enjoy! 🙂

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