woocommerce order alert app – Free solution!

As a store owner, we are pretty sure you have your eyes on the business doors seeking for any new client who walks in and needs your help.

Your online store works a bit different, clients can buy without the need of your assistance – but they do expect you to provide the best of service from the moment they placed their order!

For that reason we want to know of any new order as fast as possible – in real time. The clock is ticking and we want to get the order to our clients within the hour.

woocommerce order alert app allows you to take your costumer service to the next level. You will be notified about 0.5 seconds later of the order awaiting your treatment.

woocommerce order alert app – our free solution:

We developed a Woocommerce app that’s gives you real control of you e-commerce website,

  1. Download our woocommerce app from here
  2. Sign up and add your website in a minute.
  3. Get real time notifications automatically!

Order alerts:

  • Get notified when order created.
  • Get notified when order failed.
  • Get notified when order cancelled.

Our goal is to allow you to manage your orders on the go but also to recover lost orders as they happen and when it’s still achievable.

If you get a order alert,  you can click on the notification on your phone and with one more click to contact your client via phone call, Whatsapp or email – you will ba amazed how many lost orders can be recovered!!!

woocommerce order alert app that does much more and for free, try it out 😉

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