If you fail to connect the site, please see instructions

If so, try to turn it off temporarily, connect the site again and see if you connected successfully

If it is a new installation of WooCommerce, it is very possible that the link structure does not support the rest API connection.

To enable this, simply do the following:

  1. Log in to admin panel
  2. Go to wordpress settings
  3. Click on parmlinks settings 
  4. change to any format other then simple.

Now try cunnecting again 🙂

Cloudflare should not be a problem. But, if you activated the blocking of countries or the “under attack” mode, it will prevent communication with the website

  • Please unblock Germany and Britain.
  • Please unavle “under attack” mode.

Then try again 🙂

If so, there may very well be a built-in block at the hosting level,
To resolve issue,

  1. Login to your accunt: https://platform.cloudways.com/
  2. Chose your application.
  3. Go to aplication settings
  4. Activate CORS Headers 
  5. Wait 10 minutes
  6. Try again 🙂

see more here: