woocommerce app cannot connect to store – How to solve it?

Many website owners are trying to use the WooCommerce app but fail to connect to the store. There can be many reasons why we will not be able to add the store to the application:

  1. The Jetpack plugin is not installed on the site.
  2. The Jetpack plugin is not connected to WordPress.com.
  3. Your server is blocking external communication.

And many more.

Since there are so many servers and so many versions of websites and plugins, There is no unequivocal answer as to what prevents you from successfully connecting the site to the WooCommerce application.

So how do you solve the issue?

The fastest way to solve the problem is to use an alternative to the WooCommerce app. In this way, you will not have to deal with heavy plugins that slow down the site or the need to understand who and what is blocking the site from connecting to the application.

If you were still unable to connect the WooCommerce site to the application, Contact support when receiving the error (you will see a button for that) and they will do it for you almost immediately!

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