WooCommerce mobile app plugin – Two step setup!

Looking for a plugin that allows you to manage your WooCommerce website from the comfort of your mobile phone? We developed a lightweight plugin that doesn’t slow down your website and allows all important capabilities from anywhere at any time!

WooCommerce app plugin

To control any WooCommerce website from an external platform or app, you need a secure and encrypted connection, it’s done by rest API and requires validation for the first connection and any future communications.

For that reason, we must use a plugin that can open rest API manual mode for a short time (5 min) and Locke’s down after successfully connecting.

You can find our WooCommerce app plugin at this link:

After installing the plugin on your website, you will be automatically forwarded to the settings page with 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up to wemanage app platform.
  2. Download wemange mobile app.
  3. Copy and paste your secure code.

That’s it. You may control your WooCommerce website from your mobile phone.

Why install a mobile app plugin?

By installing our mobile app plugin, you allow your website to send more information and more tools for quick management.

Here are some of the management tools via the mobile app:

  • Manage products
  • Manage orders
  • Manage leads
  • Manage coupons
  • Manage chats
  • Manage reports 

And more.

But the truth is – all of the above are only a part of the reason you should start managing your store with a mobile app.

By installing a woocommerce app plugin, you can collect much more information as user source and behavior. you can collect valuable data and understand better where your visitors come from, what are the reasons they decide to buy or abundant cart, and later on improve many different ad campaigns based on real e-commerce results.

By installing a woocommerce app plugin you gain a head start over your competitors and can provide better products with better customer service and of course create longer marketing funnels so at the bottom line – you may make reasonable decisions at any current moment.

WEmanage app plugin is a plugin that is improving all the time and it allows you more and more management capabilities – so keep a tab and check out our plugin changelog to learn more about any new changes 🙂

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